Our Philosophy

Here at NOB, we believe that using sustainable ingredients, in their purest form, without chemical additives or GMO altering or pesticides, is the best way to a healthier you and a healthier planet. Mother Nature has given us all that we need to live a long, healthy life. Why should we mess with her perfection?

We hope to provide insight and practical ways to help you become,




Our Story

In the onset of our stories, there is one common thread that united us, even though our beginnings were very different. We all shared unusual health concerns and allergies, that just didn't seem to add up. We were all over weight and constantly in pain. It was time for a change.

After much reading, research, trials and tribulations over the past 5 years, we have come to this point of wanting to share our results! They were amazing!

There was so much information to share, about all aspects of our transformations, that using a blog seemed a natural fit. We hope that you, too, can use our wealth of knowledge and join us on our journey to a healthier you.

Meet Our Independent Consultants

Here at NOB, we are truly family. We each have something unique to add to the team, and continue to grow and help each other become...

Naturally Organically Beautiful!


Chamee Walker

Treasurer & Executive CFO


Mike Tarr

Founder & CEO


Bethany Dale

President & Designer