Perfectly Peachy

Have you ever wonderd just how good for you peaches really are? I was pondering this as I sliced the juiciest, ripest and sweetest organic peach for my morning oatmeal. I mean, we all know that fruit is good for us, but have you ever wondered, "How?"

I was curious what hidden goodies were lurking there in my breakfast peach, so, I did some research while I enjoyed my bowl of delishousness. Of course, my first stop is always Wikipedia. It's just like when I was younger and wanted more information, we were told, just look it up! But because I'm older than the internet, it took a trip to the library to pull out a gigantic encyclopedia of the letter you needed. No search engines, just a card catalog. Things are much easier now, but you have to wade through so much false or misleading information. I hope my blog has helped you focus on the information you need to stay healthy and beautiful! Here's what I have learned so far about peaches.

Peaches were cultivated in China some 8,000 years ago and they remain an important part of Chinese culture and cuisine. Today, peaches are grown in temperate regions all over the world and come in hundreds of varieties, ranging in color from light yellow to deep red, each variety with it's own subtle flavor differences. All peaches belong to the genus, Prunus, a plant family, commonly referred to as drupes.

All drupes, including nectarines, apricots, plums, mangoes, cherries, gooseberries and even olives, are either "free-stone" or "cling-stone". As the names imply, freestone fruit comes apart from the pit easily, whereas clingstone pits "cling" to the fleshy fruit. Canned peaches are sometimes called 'cling peaches' because clingstones are favored for preserving and canning. More info can be found under -terminology here on the Wikipedia link to drupe/botany

The magical thing about peaches and other super foods is they have all these great vitamins and nutrients that surround your healthy cells and protect them from all the cancer-causing free radicals that are just bouncing around. If a cancerous cell with damaged DNA should be in your body, these super nutrients will attack the malignant cell and destroy it. Pretty cool, huh? For a really great article from John Hopkins you can read all about the cycle of malignant cells and how immunity from these cells is dependant on your diet. It tells you what to avoid, too. As a cancer survivor myself, I will attest to the fact that eating clean and vegetarian, drinking lots of purified water and taking some organic supplements, like vitamins C,A and E plus folate will aid you in ridding your body of those cancerous cells. Adding the good and subtracting the bad makes recovery more than a possibility. Believe that you're healthy in your mind, feed your body right and anything is achievable! For anyone going through the battle, I wish you all the love and light you need on your journey to a healthier you. I hope to provide you with simple ways to become healthier, like a quick recipe.

Speaking of quick recipes, the other half of my breakfast peach will surely make a nice tisane later. What is a tisane, (pronounced ti-zahn) you ask? It's actually just the correct term for an herbal or fruit "tea" or infusion. It's not really a tea unless it contains leaves from a Camellia Sinensis plant. I sight the correct terms for educational purposes only. If you want to call it a tea, go right ahead, but it doesn't matter what you call it, when it tastes as good as it is for you!  Of course, real teas, especially green teas and white teas are very beneficial as well, but if you're trying to beat cancer, you're better off caffeine free. Try my peach and mint tisane for yourself. The recipe is below, as well as my recipe for a simple peach & coconut water infusion, the ultimate in natural hydration for a post or pre- workout treat, and a healthier parfait-style version of my Mom's peach cobbler, too. Because we all deserve to feel like we're really indulging, even if it still has plenty of nutrients in it! Speaking of treats, what peach article would be complete without a nice peach and mango smoothie!

I hope you enjoy trying my recipes and find this information useful to help you become more...

Naturally Organically Beautiful

Here are some links I found useful in my research:

USDA nutritional value report for peaches.

The difference between cling and free stone peaches.

Margret's Natural Cowgirl report on Organic farming practices.

The benefits of peaches by Medical News Today.

Tannins and Human Health- A review

Harvard University School of Public Health- Eating whole foods linked to lower risk of Type 2 diabetes

Another article from Taylor and Francis on Phenolic antioxidants. 

Just in case you're wondering, my research on peaches went well past lunch and my afternoon peach tisane. My research was much deeper than just the nutritional value of peaches, also. I'd love to prepare all this new exciting information to share with you in the next blog. I was going to just talk about apples, but I think there's just SO much more new information about tannins and what's happening with our food and how it's affecting our health than just another fall blog post about apple picking and pie recipes!

If you agree, drop me a comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts on increasing the information provided in the next article!

Until then, be naturally organically beautifully you! Namaste, Bethany


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